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Tales of Sales post!

Hello! My name is Zero and I'm here just selling a bunch of stuff. I found some of it while cleaning my apartment, others I just took down from my shelves to declutter. I figured there are others who would like this merch so may as well sell it!

It's all Tales and most of it is Xillia 1 & 2. All are sold as is. I will describe damage if there is damage.

Xillia 1 Milla and Jude Alter figures

Milla - $35 (I don't know where her piece of green hair went, but otherwise she's undamaged)
Jude - $20 (He's missing a few parts of his clothes and part of his weapon.) SOLD

Xillia 2 Millia and Ludger Ichiban Kuji full sized figures

Milla - $40 SOLD
Ludger - $25 (I have two of him)

X2 Jude, X2 Milla, Tear, and Zelos Kyun Charas
Lloyd, Colette, Marta (w/Tenebrae), Kongwai, and an X1 Jude Chess Piece
Tear and Leon unassembled

X2 Jude - $15
X2 Milla - $15
Tear (x2) - $15 BOTH ARE SOLD
Zelos - $15 (ON HOLD)
Lloyd - $15
Colette - $15
Marta - $15
Kongwai - $15
Leon - $15 sold
Jude Chess Piece - $10

Ride Along Milla Plush, X1 Milla and X1 Jude Petite Nendoroid, Fractured Milla and Elle rubber keychain

Ride Along Milla Plush - $40 SOLD
X1 Milla Petite Nendoroid - $5 (there's no stand for her) SOLD
X1 Jude Petite Nendroid - $5 (there's no stand for him either) SOLD
Fractured Milla and Elle Rubber Keychain - $12

Leon Ichiban Kuji Figure and Leon PVC figure

Leon Ichiban Kuji Figure - $40 SOLD
Leon PVC Figure - $10 (He's missing his sword)

I take paypal only, shipping in the US will be between $3-$10 depending on how much you're buying/how big the item is. International shipping, we're looking at $15. Everything will be bubble wrapped and sent in a box.

ALSO AS A WARNING! I have two cats so if you have cat allergies, let me know, though it might be best not to buy from me if you do since I cannot guarantee even the boxes will be cat hair free (you know cats and boxes...)

Comment with what you would like to buy! I will confirm and send you a PM with a total.

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