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Hello! So I cleaned my room and found so much merch that I just don't need. So I figured I'd do a sales post of sorts. All prices are final. If you have questions on any of the products, please feel free to ask.

Tales of Eternia deskmat with stickers - $15
Tales of Innocence R deskmat with stickers - $15
Bakemonogatari set of 3 posters with stickers - $15

Leon Magnus kyun chara - $20
Tear Grants kyun chara - $20
Jude Mathis kyun chara x 2 - $20 each

Decus strap - $10
Lloyd Irving strap - $10
Genis Sage strap - $10 SOLD
Aoi Yamada strap - $10

Tales of Destiny art plate - $5
Tales of Destiny clearfile folders - $5
Hyperdimension Neptunia Collector's Edition artbook - $20

Tales of Symphonia Zelos Divine Judgement Muffler Towel - $7 SOLD

Ludger Will Kresnik Figure Collector's Edition/Prize C Ichiban Kuji - $40

Let me know what you want as well as a subtotal and zip code and I will pm you a total with shipping as well as a paypal address to send the money to. I will accept paypal only.


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